ENIGMAcoustics ~ Dharma D1000

  • 22 December 2015

A Surprisingly Successful Dual Driver Headphone: The Enigmacoustics Dharma D1000 The room was crazy loud at CES last year, but even through the cacophony the new dual-driver (dynamic/electret) Enigmacoustics Dharma D1000 ($1190) had something special. I've heard a fair few dual-driver headphones, and basically they all sucked. Well, maybe that's a little harsh...but just a little. The AKG K340 was a similar headphone, but to my ears not nearly as good sounding as the Dharma. It's hard enough to get one driver to sound good in a pair of headphones, getting two drivers to seamlessly mesh is task fraught with peril. Up above about 5kHz acoustic resonances typically cause the response to surge up and down as acoustic cancelation and reinforcement begin to dominate the sonic landscape in the small ear cups. Add a second driver, and to my mind all bets are off. And that's what's shocking about the Dharma, it's quite simply the best sounding dual driver headphone I've had the pleasure of wrapping around my head. Let's have a look.