Cartridge + Equalizer

$ 415,999


Grand Master CR
Output Signal level : 70mV and more (AT Catridge output)
Channel Separation: 27dB and more
Needle Pressure: 2.0g~2.2g(2.1g is Recommended)
Canti-lever: Diamond
Stylus: Micro Ridge stylus
Weight: 7.7g
Body Material: Super Duralumin
Cantilever holder material: Stainless

Grand MasterEQ Equalizer unit:
700mV (When Grand Master Cartridge is connected)
Input terminal: RCA Terminals
Output Terminal: RCA Terminals X 3, XLR ourput x 3
Size: 425W x 152H x 486D (mm)
Impedance: 120 ohm (RCA) 120 ohm (XLR)
Weight: 25.1kg

Grand Master EQ Power Unit
Size: 425W x 152H x 486D (mm)
Weight: 29.8kg