$ 3,999 $ 2,999

The SupaNova is an endgame power cable for your audio set up. Featuring
our Active Noise Cancellation2 technology.

Actively eliminating noise across all frequency ranges across live, neutral and
earth, the cable is truly geometrically balanced, a first in the world of power

Using iFi audio's unique "Ground Zero" design technology, the cable creates a
central core that is free of any magnetic fields.

The non-twisted central ground wire is surrounded by the live and neutral
conductors as a geometrically-balanced pair double helix which protects the
ground wire from any magnetic field. No induction voltage is created in the
ground wire and therefore system ground noise is vastly reduced.
Each individual power line has concurrent shielding, so both internal and
external RFI noises are minimised.

Low inductance, low capacitance and constant impedance are achieved for
the entire cable by the use of the double circular helix power lines.

Constant impedance is achieved regardless of whether the cable is bent or
angled, thanks to the fully symmetric and balanced geometric design.

The cable is insulated using a polymer matrix, which is comprised of a
high-performing thermoplastic that is moisture-resistant and is ROHS compliant.

Continuing the true balanced theme, the cable uses air-dielectric delineation
to give the best separation possible between the two balanced pairs of live &
neutral conductors.

iFi audio uses the purest copper core to ensure excellent conductivity and our
plugs are gold-plated with copper connectors to guarantee the best possible
connectors. Finally, the cable is finished in an impact resistant ,polymer casing for long lasting durability.

Noise reduction: >40dB(>100x)
Surge Protection: max, 10,000A@775v/8/20us
Under operation voltage: Maximum operation rating 10A
at 250Vac and 15A at 125Vac
Lengths: 1.8m (70.8")
Weights: 675g (1.49lbs)