SPDIF iPurifier2

$ 1,599 $ 1,299

The SPDIF IPURIFIER2 is bigger and bet ter t han i t s predecessor wi th improved SPDI F iPuri er2component s and per for mance.
SPDI F i s t he mai n di gi t al a udi o out put for devi ces s uch as Appl e Tvs,Google
Chromecast, P S4, X box and 4K Smar t T Vs. As wi t h al l mai nst ream product s, t he
qual i t y of t he SPDI F si gnal i s poor.
The f ul l y restores the si gnal and reduces j i tter. Thi s i mproves sound SPDIF iPuri er2
qual i t y, creati ng increased warmth, depth and dynami c contrast.
The i s ' Bi t Per fect' - i t does not over or upsampl e the si gnal. I t i s SPDIF iPuri er2
compati bl e wi th DTS, Dol by Di gi tal and DoP si gnal s and offers ful l HD suppor t up to
Technologi es:
• Gal vani c Isol ati on of t he SPDI F si gnal
• REcl ock® and REgenerate®
• 10MHz Gl obal Master Ti mi ng cl ock
• Gol d-pl ated copper EMI /RFI s hi el di ng
• Tantal um capaci tors
• USB Type - C power socket
• ' Qui eter than batter y' ul tra cl ean iPower 5V incl uded
Speci cati ons
Suppor ted Si gnal s: 192/176. 4/96/88. 2/48/44. 1kHz, DSD/DoP,
16 to 24 Bi t, Dol by Di gi tal, DTS

Before After
I nput: Combo opti cal mi ni -j ack & gol d-pl ated coaxi al
connector ( i mpedance 75 Ohms)
Outputs: Gol d-pl ated coaxi al connector( i mpedance 75 Ohms)
& opti cal mi ni -j ack
Power Suppl y : Type - C USB, 5V/500mA ( iPower 5V incl uded )
Di mensi ons: 76( l ) x 19( w) x 20( h) mm
Wei ght: 56g (1. 98oz)
Warrant y peri od: 12 months
Speci cati ons are subj ect to change wi thout notice accessory