$ 29,999


• The ultimate analogue headphone amp from world-leading ‘head-fi’ manufacture iFi Audio
• Also performs as a high-end stereo preamplifier to connect to a power amp and speakers
• PureWavePRO fully differential balanced circuit design delivers ultra-low distortion
• Two discrete input stages – switch between solid state and GE5670 vacuum tubes in real time
• Remarkable power – up to 15,000mW to drive the toughest headphone loads with ease
• Delivers 14V in single-ended mode and 27V in Balanced mode
• Adjustable gain and load impedance plus IEMatch output attenuation to suit all headphone/IEM types
• Pro iESL energiser technology with six voltage settings for electrostatic headphones
• Capacitive battery power supply eliminates mains-borne noise from the audio signal
• Multi-level XSpace and XBass¬¬ analogue processing modes for headphones and speakers
• Exemplary build quality, comprehensive connectivity and informative colour display