$ 5,699

Svelte Speaker Sets are sold as sets of 2

Deployed under loudspeakers, the Svelte really shines. The most dramatic improvement is a lessening of "haze" and congestion, especially in the bass regions. This includes greater overall clarity and "cleaner" bass performance, with faster attack and release of transients. The Svelte achieves this by draining away and dissipating extraneous cabinet vibration, and in most cases, its success in this arena is independent of the speaker's weight, size, or construction. Further, the Svelte is effective across a broad spectrum of loudspeaker types and pricetags, from small bookshelf speakers to multi-thousand dollar floorstanding towers.

Benefits with Existing Speaker Stands

If you already have speaker stands, the Svelte will improve the performance and musicality of your speaker/stand combination when placed between the speaker's bottom and the top of the stand, thus damping both speaker and stand. Speakers with dedicated floor stands will benefit from the Svelte's superior energy dissipation capabilities.