RAVEN AC Anniversary (1MOTOR)

$ 179,000

For ten years now TW Acustic has been making a lasting impression on the turntable market. With our first model – the original Raven – perfect build quality became the standard. Not only that, back then we broke new ground and were the first manufacturer to use a custom-developed synthetic compound based on Delrin. Due to its perfect damping properties, it is almost impossible nowadays to think of a better choice of material than this for modern turntable construction. Also, the use of high-torque motors and sophisticated controllers allowed us to set a new benchmark. Thanks to our developments, music-lovers worldwide are able to indulge their audiophile passions with full satisfaction, and to enjoy their fascination with turntables on an impressive level.

To celebrate TW Acustic’s tenth birthday in March 2013 we present the "Raven AC Anniversary". The Anniversary represents a new statement in turntable manufacture. It is based on the Raven AC chassis, machined from our well-known proprietary custom compound with a screwed-in stainless-steel plate. The Anniversary’s platter is a composite construction consisting of 40mm thick copper fixed to a 20mm thick slice of our proprietary compound. Consequently, the platter is basically equal to that of the Black Night.

Our anniversary model has a very solid armboard machined from 30mm thick aluminium. We can provide the relevant adaptors for every tonearm. To achieve the correct mounting distance, the position of the adaptor for your particular tonearm can be adjusted steplessly in the slot in 1mm increments. To facilitate this we have etched a scale on the armboard showing 210–310mm. Should you wish to install more tonearms, extra swivel bases can be installed as before with the original Raven AC. From an acoustic point of view, the Anniversary offers the same advantages as the Raven AC, but thanks to the modifications keeps a firm eye on its bigger brother the Raven Black Night. Similar to the Black Night, the Anniversary lets the music flow, yet remains composed and pairs dynamics with incomparable transparency.

It is rare in this class to experience such resolution and dynamics in music. With the Raven AC Anniversary we bring you a big step closer to the ideal of real high fidelity musical reproduction.

Chassis 30 kg Platter: 20 kg Motor unit: 3 kg Motor control unit: 2 kg
550 mm x 400 mm (W x D) Motor diameter: 119 mm Total footprint: 600 mm x 400 mm (W x D)
Chassis construction
Material: 60 mm TW ACUSTIC's proprietary Delrin-based compound, stainless disk rigidly screwed to chassis.
Three, stainless steal, height adjustable
Platter construction
Material: 40 mm copper in combination with 20 mm of our special compound let into and screwed together with the copper platter.
Bronze bearing, 16 mm hard metal shaft with ball on top, running on a thrust washer of 'Material S ® (green)'. This is a special low-pressure PE based material with a very low coefficient of friction and very high wear resistance, giving a long maintenance free life without the need for additional lubrication. Bushing is machined exactly to fit the bearing with zero float, yet remains replaceable.
Case made from stainless steel and delrin.
Motor control unit
controlled by a microcontroller, ready for 3 motor drive
Up to three tonearms may be fitted.