12JT Turbo

$ 96,999

The 12JT Turbo expands upon AMG’s patented tonearm design with improved sound and functionality. The new larger bearing assembly houses both the unique vertical bearing and a larger horizontal axle, featuring dual micro-ball bearing assemblies for enhanced stability and reduced friction. All critical parameters of the 12JT Turbo are accomplished with calibrated locking thumbscrews for added rigidity and precise adjustment. The 12JT Turbo is available with the Viella V12 turntable as the AMG V12 Turbo package, and can be fitted to other turntables with our CIRCLE Linn-style or OVAL SME-style adaptors.


Vertical bearing design based on helicopter rotor bearings for precise alignment with the armwand
Uses two 0.5 mm thick spring steel wires, allowing fine azimuth adjustment and eliminating bearing play
Horizontal axle made from hardened tool steel and uses dual micro-ball bearing assemblies for enhanced stability and
reduced friction
Extremely precise, maintenance-free, and never requires adjustment


Constructed of top quality aircraft Aluminum
Anodized finish for resonance control
13.9 gram effective mass

2-piece with Teflon-decoupled sleeve with thumbscrew adjustment
Copper Internal Wiring:

Multiple gauges of high quality copper
Magnetic Anti-skating:

Decoupled via ring magnet and 2 bar magnets
Magnetic fields isolated in patented bearing housing


Calibrated locking thumbscrews for easy, tool-free adjustment