Kaiser Acoustics

Kaiser Kawero Classic (C3)
(Fancy Veneer)

$ 835,000
Fancy Veneer + C3 Ribbon Tweeter + Kondo Cable

Kawero Classic (C2)
(Standard Veneer)

$ 736,999
“Sound is an elusive topic to describe verbally. You must hear these speakers to understand the full impact of their musical magic.
I'll attest, right here, that Kaiser Kawero!® speakers are at the top of my list.ˮ

Kawero Chiara (C2)
(Standard Veneer)

$ 255,000
The Chiara high performance stereo loudspeaker features sophisticated engineering, state-of-the-art
materials and high tech manufacturing processes to minimize structural vibration, offering uncolored tonal
coherence and a robust sound previously unattainable in a compact loudspeaker of this size.
It is the smallest loudspeaker in the Kaiser Kawero speaker range, all manufactured from Panzerholz, a
high tech natural wood-based laminate engineered in Germany. Panzerholz is incredibly dense: it sinks in
water, offers the rigidity of steel, and also boasts some of the best vibration damping characteristics in the
world. In fact, as a side-effect of this performance, it turns out that this loudspeaker is bulletproof.
Hardships in working this extremely hard material are overcome by careful tooling and handling techniques.