Vanish into the music
NEW reference-class analogue headphone amp with incorporated electrostatic energiser with advanced user interface and network-connected control system.

A new extraordinary reference
iFi’s new reference-class analogue headphone amp, the iCAN Phantom, takes the Pro iCAN, refines and enhances every element of its circuitry to further elevate its performance, incorporates technology from the Pro iESL ­– previously a separate component – for electrostatic headphones, and adds a new, advanced user interface and network-connected control system.

The result? A headphone amp truly worthy of its flagship status.

Exemplary build quality, sophisticated technology, an unrivalled specification and remarkable versatility, expertly engineered to drive every headphone type to its full sonic potential. From ultra-sensitive IEMs, to the finest dynamic driver and planar magnetic headphones, to the most power-hungry electrostatic designs, the iCAN Phantom delivers a truly exceptional headphone experience – exquisitely tailored to the requirements of the listener.

The iCAN Phantom also performs as a high-end preamplifier – to feed a power amp and speakers (or powered speakers) – enabling headphone and speaker listening to be combined in a single high-performance audio system.


$ 29,999

• The ultimate analogue headphone amp from world-leading ‘head-fi’ manufacture iFi Audio
• Also performs as a high-end stereo preamplifier to connect to a power amp and speakers
• PureWavePRO fully differential balanced circuit design delivers ultra-low distortion
• Two discrete input stages – switch between solid state and GE5670 vacuum tubes in real time
• Remarkable power – up to 15,000mW to drive the toughest headphone loads with ease
• Delivers 14V in single-ended mode and 27V in Balanced mode
• Adjustable gain and load impedance plus IEMatch output attenuation to suit all headphone/IEM types
• Pro iESL energiser technology with six voltage settings for electrostatic headphones
• Capacitive battery power supply eliminates mains-borne noise from the audio signal
• Multi-level XSpace and XBass¬¬ analogue processing modes for headphones and speakers
• Exemplary build quality, comprehensive connectivity and informative colour display