iEMatch +

$ 399
Do your earphones suffer from pop and hiss? Sound quality just not quite ‘there’ at normal listening levels?
You need the iEMatch+

Give yourself and your music a break. No more noise from background source hiss and no more listening at ridiculously high volume so you get the ‘most’ out of your music.

Use iEMatch+. It works with all 3.5mm balanced devices. Switch between single-ended or balanced operation to suit your needs.

It gives you

better sound
increased dynamic range
reduced background hiss
clearer vocals

iEMatch 4.4

$ 549
Want to optimise your balanced listening to the full?
The all new iEMatch4.4 – better sound, reduced hiss, clearer vocals.

Optimise your balanced listening with the iEMatch4.4.

It works with all 4.4mm balanced devices. The iEMatch4.4 has both ultra (-24db) and high gain (-12db) sensitivity adjustment to help you get the most out of even your most sensitive headphones and IEMs.

Benefit from better sound, increased dynamic range, reduced background hiss and clearer vocals

Once tried, your listening won’t be the same.

Groundhog +

$ 749
Does your system suffer from an irritating buzz or hum that decreases when you touch it?
It’s missing an earth/ground. You need the Groundhog+.

The Groundhog+ has a variety of adapters and works with every device on the market:

RCA base cable – for any audio system with an unused RCA socket.

USB converter – for computer audio systems.
Spade converter – for power supplies with a DC barrel connector.
3.5mm Y-converter – for portable devices with an unused 3.5mm connection.