The new Halcro team have spent the past couple of years exploring every aspect of the unique platform for possible improvements. We present – the new reference in amplification.

Available in both stereo and mono versions, the Eclipse series is unparalleled in its ability to render details formerly lost in the distortion.

The Eclipse enjoys a completely redesigned input stage, further reducing non-linear effects and distortion. There are multiple independently tracking power supplies, superior internal shielding and higher output power. Finally the Eclipse amplifier offers a new, modern, ‘lighter’ take on the distinctive and award winning Halcro aesthetic. Even this contributes to better performance with the new, machined-from-solid casework reducing microphonics.

Eclipse mono power amplifier

$ 559,999
Power output into 4 ohms resistive > 450 W
Power output into 8 ohms resistive > 250 W
(Measured at 1kHz)

Dimensions (per monoblock)
Weight, 135 lb or 62 kg
Height, 31 in or 79 cm
Width, 16 in or 40 cm
Depth, 16 in or 40 cm
Shipping weight, (one pair including pallet)
400 lb or 180 kg