$ 549,990

This flagship phono amplifier GE-10 is a compilation of all knowledges and experiences of Audio Note.
It was designed to work with flagship preamplifier G-1000 to create an ultimate preamplifier system for analogue playback.

-Equalizer circuit is CR type
-Separated Chassis and Fully Independent Power Supply
-Isolating the ripple filter capacitors and decoupling capacitors
-Large scale shunt type filament power supply circuit
-Power supply circuits are independent for best channel separation
-Adopt quality parts such as SSW (silk silver wire), silver foil capacitors, original power -transformer and copper chassis.

PHONO equalizer unit--
Equalizer circuit is CR type so that most natural sound texture is obtained.
1st stage is cascode circuit, then the equalizer is followed by a cathode follower. This arrangement reaches low output impedance and ensures natural sound with no coloring.
Modularization of a phono amplifier section achieve shortness signal paths and the merit of hand wiring. Through it, 6 pcs of Vacuum tubes and large silver signal capacitors can be mounted tightly into the module.
Moreover, high purity signal loop are formed by placing 4 decoupling capacitors around the module. Also taking consideration that a solid-state pre-amplifier may be connected, GE-10 is possible to load with input impedance as low as 20kΩ.

Power supply, the shunt heater circuit--
Rectification tunes is 6CA4. The power transformer and chokes are arranged so that minimum vibration is obtained. 3 kinds of decoupling capacitors are selected for well balance of tonal characteristics. Power supply is strengthened by clearly separating the ripple filter capacitors and decoupling capacitors.
Combining capacitor groups and a shunt type DC6.3V heater power supply circuit, ripples at power line is highly eliminated and heater voltage is regulated within ±5%.

Loading impedance and low cut filter--
After connecting to a preamplifier and select the matching value (3 values selectable) at GE-10's output loading impedance, a 20kΩ resultant impedance is preset. The output capacitor of GE-10 and this 20kΩ makes a low cut filter with no negative effect to sound quality. This filter reduce a subsonic moderately and helps keep the sound clean.

Ultra-high-quality parts--
Audio Note original silver foil capacitors, silver lead resistors, SSW wiring material, copper main chassis, original electrolytic capacitors, original RCA Jacks, original power transformers, chokes and a lot. Other parts such as market capacitors and resistors are selected carefully for each specific positions.