$ 489,999

Many people challenged and poured much energy into audio engineering in respects of new technologies and techniques, new systems, and new materials to improve reproduction sounds since Thomas Edison invented Phonograph, having fruited with great progress nowadays. However, it seems that we had reached a limit, and I wondered whether all these efforts were worth success. Maybe we needed to reflect on the past. Hence a new approach to "improve sounds".

Audio markets are flooded with "mere 300B amplifiers" with known brand labels. KEGON delivers completely different "sounds" from them. The birth of a power amplifier that reproduces "refined" and "proper" music in tremendously high resolution.

300B parallel single ended stereo power amp
3 LINE inputs, input impedance 100K ohms, with input level control
Output Power 
22W x 2 at 8 ohms
Frequency Response
30Hz ~ 50,000Hz +0/-1dB
0.5% at 8W (1KHz)
Size & Weight
300W x 540D x 220H mm weight: 34Kg