CD only 11 shelves (102 x 199cm)

$ 26,399

CDVD has an innovational and functional design
with high quality materials and aesthetics standards. CDVD is easy to set in domestic living and it gives nice suggestions for the illumination system. This allows to read and choose easily your archived software. CDVD it is provided (if request) of a 50 W halogen lamp at low voltage.
The CDVD has to be fixed to the wall with the special accessories and instructions inside.
The CDVD models have two more solutions:

CDVD 8 shelves of 62 cm (for 280 dvd or 480 cd) or of 102 cm (for 460 dvd or 800 cd)
CD-only 11 shelves, only dedicated to CD, 62 cm wide (for 640 cd) or 102 cm (for 1100 cd)
CDVDLP33, with 7 shelves dedicated to CD and DVD of 420 cd or 240 dvd load capacity, one more shelf it is dedicated to storage up to 150 Lp 33 disc
anodized brushed aluminium for the legs structure
white oak or wengè for the shelves
wide of 62 cm or 102, height of 199 cm, and depth of 16 cm
50 W alogen lamp at low voltage