Double Stack Kit (set of 4)

$ 5,599

Symposium Rollerblock Series 2+ is an equipment support system providing simultaneous coupling and decoupling of audio and video equipment. When properly installed, a set of Rollerblocks can increase overall system performance by an order of magnitude similar to a wholesale upgrade of the component it treats.

Utilizing technology employed in earthquake protection and combining it with proprietary mechanical transmission techniques, Rollerblocks are the most sonically beneficial coupling devices available. Used beneath digital equipment, DVD players, preamplifiers and other components, results can be nothing less than astonishing. Increased focus, soundstaging, image stability, dynamics and delicacy are just a few of the sonic delights awaiting the serious audiophile. When used with an effective equipment base (such as Symposium Platforms), the Series 2+ Rollerblock system provides an additional step toward ideal equipment support, which is simultaneous component isolation and drainage of chassis-borne vibration.

Symposium Rollerblock Series 2+ systems achieve their seemingly "magical" results by obeying laws of physics. Their strict manufacturing tolerances (much higher than usually found in an audiophile "tweak" device) are responsible for their world-wide reputation as the best ball-bearing isolation device available. Professional reviewers and private owners alike have spoken emphatically about the ability of Rollerblocks to enhance and improve the performance of virtually any component, including CD players, DVD players, digital transports, preamplifiers, amplifiers, and more.

2" x 1" x 0.75" (5x2.5x1.9 cm)
Black "hard coat" anodized with laser-etched legends
Matrix material
Acoustic foam
7075 aircraft alloy aluminum
Tungsten Carbide Grade 10 standard; Grade 2.5 Superball optional
Suggested Weight Limit
Set of 3: 300 lbs. Set of 4: 400 lbs.