$ 1,099

Providing superior isolation and the ability to hold considerable weight, Track Audio Isolation Cups are machined from stainless steel with a Delrin insert spike cup to prevent vibrations traveling in either direction. They are finished off with soft industrial felt underneath. Isolation Cups protect your floors, isolate your gear, and let your music come alive like never before. They're most effective when used with Isolation Feet, but may also be appropriate for use with Spikes when used on a very hard surface such as concrete or marble flooring.

Track Audio Small and Large Solid Cups provide excellent coupling by siphoning away large scale vibration and channeling it to the supporting surface. The broad surface area and large amounts of stainless steel offer enormous weight handling capability. They are ideal for use under racks, subwoofers, and speakers. Large Solid Cups accommodate up to 150 pounds. Small Solid Cups provide much of the same coupling effect of their larger siblings, but in a more compact size that is less visually obtrusive and mates better with Track Audio Spikes.