TW-Phono RPS 100

$ 159,999
Are you searching for the absolute pinnacle of analogue musical enjoyment? If so, please forget the usual hifi criteria for a moment. With these you’ll do the Raven Phono RPS100 a disservice – and ultimately yourself too. In our opinion, perfect analogue musical enjoyment is only possible when the music is reproduced with realistic dynamics, as well as with real emotion: music as experience – powerful physicality, but also fine dynamic nuances with an incredible airiness, detail that is more than simply high frequencies, rich timbre, speed and impulsivity. The music must positively ‘breathe’.

All this ultimately constitutes a realistic and simultaneously emotional musical reproduction. In order to provide you with the last word in musical pleasure, we have developed our own valve phono-preamplifier, which represents a perfect symbiosis of emotionality, perfect technical conception and top-class craftsmanship. We use exclusively carefully selected high quality components from established manufacturers.

The RPS 100 has two-stage amplification and active EQ. In the discrete power supply unit we use high-quality MKP capacitors. To ensure the lowest possible noise, we use an elaborately stabilised DC heater supply. For the Moving Coil stage we also employ high quality input transformers. The Raven Phono RPS 100 has three user-configurable inputs. The subtle push-buttons on the fascia allow you to choose between Moving Magnet and Moving Coil, impedance match the cartridge, alongside the RIAA EQ curve you can select from a further four EQ curves, you can also invert the phase and switch off the display.

You’ll be hard pressed to find another phono-preamp that offers such a richness of features and at the same time guarantees such emotional yet realistic reproduction.

We keep our promises. Well provide you with total musical pleasure