IKEDA Sound Labs

Step-Up Transformer for MC cartridges IST-201

Many phono preamps these days have on-board step up trannies for those hard to amplify cartridges, but sometimes, a good separate solution can yield great results on those farthest from our hearing thresholds. Meet the Ikeda IST-201. Ready to bring forth the lowest MC carts in your collection.

The newly developed Step-Up transformer IST-201 is best suitable for low impedance 1ohm - 6ohm MC cartridges. These low impedance cartridges will be able to work at their full potential by virtue of this high quality MC transformer.

IST-201 is the ideal transformer with a lesser internal loss so that you will be able to enjoy a supreme sound in combination with IKEDA 9 series and our flagship KAI cartridges as well as other brands of low impedance cartridges.