Percision Record Clamp
Model 1170

$ 2,990
Even flat records are slightly warped. A true if somewhat cynical statement! Sometimes the degree of warp can challenge even the best cartridge and pick-up arm causing extraneous noise, distorted stereo imaging and speed variation as fore and aft stylus motion modifies groove velocity.

Fortunately these problems can be dramatically improved by this new record clamp originally designed for the SME Model 30 precision turntable described by Germany's Audio Magazine as 'the best turntable of all time.'

Working on the reflex principle the clamp deflects the record smoothing out much for the warp and ensuring the largest possible contact with the turntable platter.

Beside its primary function however clamping offers a further benefit. When playing, the stylus reacts vibrations into the vinly. These take time to decay and so build up acoustic energy in the record causing colouration and a subtle degradation of musical quality. However the duration of these vibrations can be greatly reduced if we remember a simple fact of phyisics; the stiffer and more massive a body the less it will flex and vibrate.

The clamp addresses these problems firstly by platter contact which raises he record's effective stiffness and secondly by clamp contact which record's effective mass. It will further be seen that coupling between the record and the record spindle is greatly increased allowing acoustic energy to be conducted away form the record and int the turntable.

Place the spacing washer on the record spindle with the record on top of it. Rotate the clamp locking wheel anti-clockwise, half a turn, and place the clamp on the record spindle. Hold the base of the clamp to prevent it rotating and applying firm downward pressure turn the wheel clockwise to lock it. To remove the clamp the procedure is reversed. The spacing washer should remain in place but please note that the clamp should be used without the washer when playing 78's as the material from which they are made is too brittle to allow deflection with the danger of cracking.

We believe you will fin the clamp convenient to handle but a word of warning, please do not drop it on the record!