Absolute Line
Absolute Interqrated
(Inculde Remote Control)

$ 135,000
Absolute Integrated

The Absolute Integrated Amplifier is our latest Absolute line product. It has an output power of 2 x 160 Watts. The Absolute Integrated Amplifier has been designed to combine the strength of the preamplifier and the dual mono bloc amplifier. This means that there are 3 units inside so there is one amplification stage per channel.

The product has the possibility to have two options, the Phono Stage and the Digital Input that makes a single and unique device. The Digital Input has a D/A Converter from ESS Sabre 32 and the USB supports playback of DSD files over USB.

All internal wiring has been designed and built to have the least disruption to the signal.There is also a cooling system to help regulate the internal temperature.