AMR (Abbingdon Music Research)

AM-777 SE 特別版
( 黑色 )

$ 37,500
The AM-777 Premier Class Pre-Main Amplifier breaks with tradition and possesses eye-catching features not seen in other amplifiers at any price. At the heart, based upon AMR’s OptiGain® circuitry, it has the same, unique sonic DNA as its larger sibling: the AM-77 Reference Class Pre-Main Amplifier. The AM-777 is a serious amplifier that first and foremost, is devoted to reproducing music that is emotionally stirring, reminiscent of the best valve amplifiers.
What makes the AM-777 even more enticing is that it has onboard, an advanced, sonically superior USB digital-to-analogue converter optimised by AMR for the highest quality signal transfer.

The AM-777 in AMR’s imitable way will charm those who wish for a truly unique one-box solution with a level of execution that leaves behind sonically challenged yesteryear amplifiers and volume control CD players.