Grand Maestro Monitor

$ 74,750
The Grand MM

The Grand MM (formerly known as the 'MyClapton Grand MM') has received high praise and critical acclaim. It was awarded a 'WORLD STANDARD' by HI-FI WORLD magazine, and it received a top rating from 'AUDIO' magazine in Germany.

Manufactured and engineered in England, the Grand MM is a radical expression of British pride. It's a renowned loudspeaker design in the high-fidelity world. Grand MM takes loudspeaker performance into a new dimension; the Grand MM is undoubtedly one of the very best stand-mounted loudspeakers made, regardless of price. If this sounds like hyperbole, here's what one reviewer thought.

A different class

「they're superb, able to bounce along to any type of music from rock to classical with heady abandon... These speakers punched a massive sound stage into the room (for a standmounter), one which far outstrips no small number of larger floorstanders; it was almost as if someone had pressed a secret 'stereo wide' button... Grand MM sound different to the norm and in variety of extremely positive ways. In a nutshell, they're very big, bouncy and engaging performers which throw an almost holographic soundstage into a room, appearing themselves to dissolve into the middle distance. Tonally they're quite neutral, being just perhaps a little on the dry side, and rhythmically Grand MM delivers a quite engaging and involving overall sound quality in a package that's certainly distinctive and very different from the marketplace stereotypes... The character is quite muscular and punchy, with good coherence, plenty of drive and urgency and decent rendition of orchestral textures」

The Grand MM employs our SWC (Standing Wave Control) & DRC (Damping Resonance Control Technology), which uses a unique box construction that combines layers of materials of different densities. This reduces and controls unwanted resonances at various frequencies and minimises the negative pressures which effect bass accuracy.

Like all MAD's designs, the Grand MM was developed using our innovative methods. Unashamedly British, it's the result of the labour of British musicians, engineers, designers, scientists and even a psychologist. The result? A speaker that satisfies the head and the heart.